Friday, February 13, 2015

Keri | College Senior

 photo IMG_9615_zps5a710d35.jpg photo IMG_9567_zpse43659fb.jpg photo IMG_9521_zps8f863624.jpg photo IMG_9559_zps61d205e6.jpg photo IMG_9562_zps534bf27f.jpg photo IMG_9536_zpse0f4eb11.jpg photo IMG_9576_zpsf1162b12.jpg photo IMG_9585_zps1afcfd86.jpg photo IMG_9594_zps42cf6b99.jpg photo IMG_9617_zpsf50fc877.jpg photo IMG_9663_zpscc58c965.jpg photo IMG_9628_zps09fe2227.jpg photo IMG_9668_zps8ca35553.jpg 

I can't tell you how awesome this girl is. She was my suitemate my first senior year of college, and she pretty much kept me sane through our British Romantic Lit class. I am so happy with how Keri's senior pictures turned out! It was the perfect day--surprisingly warm and sunny for February. We grabbed lunch at McAllister's (our fave!) then headed out to take pictures. Keri really wanted a spot with a barn, and we actually managed to find one. (Despite what country songs might tell you, there are, in fact, not many barns in Nashville.)

Love you, Ker, and I hope you love your photos!


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