Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I accidentally dyed my hair blonde


 photo IMG_6218_zps5fd6e754.jpg 

Do you ever have this picture in your head of how something is going to turn out, and it just DOESN'T HAPPEN? Yeah. That's what happened here. I was going for a red-to-blonde ombre effect (because my hair is FINALLY long enough to do that kinda jazzy stuff). My sweet hairdresser asked me if I wanted to subtle or bold ombre. Obviously I said BOLD. Well, I got something a little more bold than I bargained for. I haven't bleached my hair in a couple of years, and I forgot just how well my hair takes to bleach. I could've gone platinum blonde without damaging my hair if I'd wanted to.

 photo IMG_0871_zpsc0c9d83c.jpg 

Just as a reference, here's my hair before: lots of weird colors and dye-overs and whatnot. But pretty dark nonetheless.

 photo IMG_7494_zpsc6a413a5.jpg 

So yeah. It's quite the change. The girl really did a great job! I'm just still in new hair shock. Eek!



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