Thursday, August 16, 2012



Relient K's music defined my formative years. I know that sounds super extreme and cheesy, but it's the truth. Middle school, high school, college...I've always listened to Relient K. When my friend JP and I heard they'd be in Memphis, we knew we had to go!

Some random kid from Belmont played first. He was...uh...interesting. I didn't take any pictures of him because really, his set was kind of bizarre.

William Beckett played second. You probably remember him from The Academy Is...and their one big hit "About a Girl." I thought he did a really fantastic job. I was never an Academy Is fan, but his solo stuff is pretty great. I think artists have to break out on their own to find their musical niche sometimes.

Hellogoodbye was up next. Honestly, the only song I knew was "Here (In Your Arms)." So, I sang along with that one, and tried to get into their new stuff. They've taken a more indie route, and it was rather nice.

Hellogoodbye last night! 

Finally, after a three hour drive and two hours of standing in a crowded, hot venue, Relient K took the stage. I pretty much turned into a 12-year-old fangirl. But can you blame me, really? This is the second time I've seen Relient K live, and they did not disappoint! They played a ton of old songs, which made me giddy, because their old stuff is my favorite (we're talking Anatomy, Two Lefts, and Mmhmm here). They also played three new songs. Like, new new. Like hasn't been released yet new. Like ohmygosh I'm fangirling new. I died. It was wonderful, and I died.

Relient K!

 Fun Facts:
  • I didn't take my camera... because I had to take my purse... because my blood sugar always goes low at concerts... and I couldn't fit a candy bar in my pocket. Hence the Instagrams.
  • The unofficial name of the tour was There Are No Tater Tots for You.
  • Matty T currently has mutton chops.
  • We also sang "Happy Birthday" to Matty T because his 32nd birthday was the next day.
  • Matty T references being 23 in "Maintain Consciousness." And I'm still not 23. And that song was released when I was 12. Whatever. 
  • We stopped at a Burger King in Memphis. I asked for a Memphis BBQ Sandwich. They don't sell them there. I don't even.
  • JP: "Do you want to listen to Mmhmm now?" Me: "Mmhmm."
So yes. If you don't know who Relient K is, listen to them now. If you do, you can appreciate all the fangirling I just did.



  1. Squeal.
    They are my. favorite. band. of all time. Ever. I'm SO excited for you right now. And jealous.

  2. I completely understand your fan girling. They are one of my favorite bands of all time! So. Good. I could listen to them all day!


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