Saturday, August 18, 2012

disconnected thoughts

Laina did such a great job on my hair! :)

Oh hey, red hair! It's been a while. I went two months without dyeing my hair. NO BIG DEAL, unless your name is Katherine Victoria and you get bored with a hair color after two weeks. Actually, I've had dark hair since December. I'm going to count that as progress since I switched back and forth between blonde and brunette every few months in high school.

I actually matched for once in my life.
So there was this one time a few weeks ago that my sunglasses matched my shirt and I thought that was pretty cool.

Just doodling. 

Look for the scanned and colored version of this in a few weeks, will ya?

I'm hanging out at Starbucks tonight, bumming their internet because there was a bad storm a few nights ago, and it killed the internet at my house. Oh, and my phone got stolen yesterday. So I've been totally cut off from everyone for a good 24 hours and I don't like it. Just kidding, I spent the night planning society goodness with some Bunyans last night. I'm still going a little crazy, though. I keep thinking "WHAT IF SOMEONE NEEDS ME!?"  (Excuse the caps. They put five pumps of sugar syrup in my iced passion tea.)

So, I move back in the dorm on Tuesday. I'm pretty pumped! I have Student Council training this week, and have to help out with Freshman orientation. It's so weird that I'm an upperclassman now. Thankfully, Junior year is looking up! I'm only taking 6 classes this semester: Daniel and Revelation, Shakespeare, Early American Lit, Math Concepts I, Private Piano, and a foreign language that has yet to be determined (I have to take it through a different university). I'm having trouble fathoming the fact that I'm over halfway done with my undergraduate. Crazy.


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