Saturday, March 8, 2014

picnic at the park

 photo IMG_9676_zps6a63575a.jpg  photo IMG_9698_zpsbe730713.jpg  photo IMG_9682_zps310b4a05.jpg  photo IMG_9692_zps8f31e21b.jpg photo IMG_9738_zps20144598.jpg photo IMG_9749_zpsb88b448f.jpg photo IMG_9740_zps638f9cc2.jpg photo IMG_9778_zps4a6079dc.jpg photo IMG_9730_zpse71f0474.jpg  photo IMG_9643_zps0a959f15.jpg photo IMG_9659_zps36803a52.jpg photo IMG_9668_zps13fc0476.jpg photo IMG_9671_zps5fa4c61a.jpg photo IMG_9724_zpsec447004.jpg photo IMG_9748_zps9e95193a.jpg photo IMG_9769_zps219c5f75.jpg photo IMG_9770_zps72cb7bf8.jpg

My wonderful friend and former roommate Jo is in town this weekend! She, my suitemate Keri, and I decided to have a picnic at the park and take pictures today. We stopped by Whole Foods, then headed out to Percy Warner. It was the perfect way to spend an almost warm March afternoon. We took a few serious pictures, but mostly we just goofed-off. It was fun getting my camera out again! 


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